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Doing Good!

At Sinbad.Co, We believe that every child has the right to get the nutrition he needs for healthy living.

According to the World Food Programme: "There are 795 million undernourished people in the world today. That means one in nine people do not get enough food to lead an active and healthy life. In fact, hunger and malnutrition are the number one risk to health worldwide — greater than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. The good news is that hunger is entirely solvable. And it costs just US$ 0.50 to feed one child for a day". (About Us Sharethemeal, (accessed July 20, 2017).

So, to help feed children in the most vulnerable communities across the world efficiently, we proud to donate children meals using the WFP "Share The Meal" successful project on a weekly basis.

Every $5 purchase in our store will feed a hungry child for one day! 

We're so delighted to share this and give you the opportunity to be part of our Doing Good initiative. Thank You :)


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