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The Art of Gift Giving

Nov 30, 2017
The Art of Gift Giving

Giving, gifting, gift, they all connote the same thing, voluntarily giving something without expecting payment in return, whether to show favor or feelings toward someone, to honor an occasion or make a gesture of assistance. Since when you present someone with gifts, you are giving something willingly without expecting anything in return, the act of gift giving should not be a chore. It should come from the heart. Trying to make a loved one feel special is more than enough reason to make you give. This gesture, more than anything, tells the receiver that you were thinking of them.

Although it may feel quite a great being on the receiving end of a gift, there’s a better feeling of self-gratification when you’re the person who is doing the giving. This attitude is immeasurable, even by monetary value. Any happiness you feel when you open up a gift will be permanently overshadowed by, the more self-fulfilling experience of giving a gift, that lasts for an extended period.

The simple act of gift giving can provide an excellent internal response. It is a fact that the act of giving makes us happier than receiving, irrespective of the value of your gift. For example, we give higher preference to people who give us gifts than those who don’t. People give gifts for various reasons and below are some of them.


Giving Gifts as a Show of Affection 

As an act of self-gratification gift giving is a right way of strengthening all types of relationships. Whether you are just friends or a long-term relationship, you should always try to show the other person that you really care about him or her. The occasion doesn’t have to be unique to give a gift. You can give one at any time to show how much you care.

Gifts like our Sports Armband Phone Pouch ($21:99) would be great ways to show your sincerity and intentions to a person involved in sports and healthy living. Heart Shaped Glow In the Dark Necklaces ($16:99) and this Double Layer gadget Traveling Bag ($21:99) make great gifts for friends. Gifts that improve or elevates one’s lifestyle are considered better than chocolates or roses.


Gifts for Birthdays

We tend to celebrate our birthday each year, and they serve as a unique milestone that should be acknowledged each year, no matter the age. It doesn’t matter how old the person is; it is vital to give something unique to the person on that one particular day. A thoughtful gift like the Natural Wood Luminous Hand Watch ($67:99) or the Best friends Ever Necklace ($15:99) make great, thoughtful gifts for someone’s birthday.


Gifts for That Special Someone

It is often said that action speaks louder than words, and there is no livelier action than through appreciation with a gift. This gift can be a simple one, it just has to make them happy and doesn’t need to be expensive. This type of gift can be given your siblings, father, mother, girlfriend, lover, or anyone you feel deserves it. This token of appreciation can be really heart touching, especially if is given sincerely. The Crab and Turtle Jewelry Set ($17:99) and the Handmade Vintage Resin Wood Statement Necklace & Pendant ($18:99) make great unique gifts.


Gifts to Say Sorry 

Gifts make grand apology statements. We have all made mistakes where a simple apology is not enough anymore. When words don’t seem to be enough, it is best to express it by giving a gift. This will show that you are indeed sorry and regret what you have done. This Android Fitness Tracker Wristband ($48:99) makes a really excellent I’m sorry gift.


Gifts to Celebrate Anniversaries 

There is no better way for married couples to remember their anniversary day than by exchanging gifts. An anniversary can also be celebrated as a business venture or a milestone, all you need is a gift. This is a way to remember these special moments in their lives. For example, the Royal Carving Skeleton Brown Leather Strap Watch ($47:99), the Men's Canvas Shoulder Bag ($30:99) and the Gold Owl Love Heart Pendant Necklace ($25:99) make great anniversary gifts.


Gifts to Say Thank You 

Sometime, we may receive a form or help or favor and will need to give back to the person who helped us. By giving a gift, you can show that you are thankful. The receiver of your gift will honestly feel your gratitude, and you will get the bonus of elevated happiness and wellbeing.


No matter your reason for wanting to give a gift, presents that come straight from the heart are best. is determined to supply you with the best gift options at the best rates. We know just how stressful it can be to source for individual items, this is why we have worked to fill our collection with unique pieces sure to pull on heartstrings.


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